2019-20 Best Chapter Winners

Each year Pi Sigma Alpha recognizes chapters who have engaged in outstanding activity over the course of the academic year. The national office is excited to announce winners of the 2019-20 Best Chapter Awards. Each chapter receives a $500 award check to use for future programming and the chapter advisor receives a $200 prize.

Decisions on Best Chapter Awards are based on Annual Reports submitted to the National Office. 

Think your chapter should be on this list next year?  Now is the time to start planning for the year ahead. Reach out to the national office for advice and/or take a peek at some of the award winning reports.

The winning chapters are:

Under 5,000 Enrollment:

Mu Delta Chapter, Hartwick College
Faculty Advisor: Laurel Elder

Alpha Alpha Gamma Chapter, Lee University
Faculty Advisor: Ana Alves-Shippey

Beta Iota Rho Chapter, The Citadel
Faculty Advisor: DuBose Kapeluck

Rho Beta Chapter, Ohio Northern University
Faculty Advisor: Robert Alexander

5,000 – 14,999 Enrollment:

Alpha Iota Theta Chapter, California State U, East Bay
Faculty Advisor: Amy Below

Tau Psi Chapter, Purdue University, Northwest
Faculty Advisor: Yu Ouyang

Alpha Beta Mu Chapter, Valdosta State University
Faculty Advisor: Mandi Bailey

Beta Tau Chapter, University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Advisor: Eileen Doherty-Sil

Alpha Delta Theta Chapter, University of Central Arkansas
Faculty Advisor: Heather Yates

Alpha Alpha Rho Chapter, Youngstown State  University
Faculty Advisor: Adam Fuller

15,000 – 24,999 Enrollment:

Upsilon Delta Chapter, California State University, Chico
Faculty Advisor: Adam Irish

Theta Iota Chapter, California State University, San Bernardino
Faculty Advisor: Christina Villegas

Nu Omega Chapter, Oakland University
Faculty Advisor: Terri Towner

Sigma Mu Chapter, University of Central Oklahoma
Faculty Advisor: Jan Hardt

Alpha Iota Chapter, University of Texas, El Paso
Faculty Advisor: Taeko Hiro

Over 25,000 Enrollment:

Epsilon Eta Chapter, California State University, Fullerton
Faculty Advisor: Valerie O’Regan

Tau Rho Chapter, Florida International University 
Faculty Advisor: Charles Shields

Beta Pi Chapter, Penn State University
Faculty Advisor: Amy Linch

Delta Omega Chapter, Purdue University
Faculty Advisor: Melissa Will

Epsilon Iota Chapter, San Jose State University 
Faculty Advisor: Mary Currin-Percival

Epsilon Xi Chapter, University of Wisconsin,  Milwaukee
Faculty Advisor: Kristin Trenholm