Chapter Advisor Recognition Awards

Dr. Charles B. Knerr, Kappa Pi Chapter, Univ. Of Texas at Arlington

Dr. William B. Furlong, Alpha Iota Chapter, Utah State University
Dr. Anne Hildreth, Epsilon Gamma Chapter, SUNY at Albany
Dr. Robert Widell, Epsilon Nu Chapter, Auburn University 

Dr. Y. Ping Chen, Delta Psi Chapter, Eastern Illinois University
Dr. Maurice Eisenstein, Tau Psi Chapter, Purdue University Calumet
Dr. James Simeone, Omicron Lambda Chapter, Illinois Wesleyan University
Dr. Vernon Vavrina, Omicron Rho, Chapter, Marist College

Dr. Jeffrey Greene, Epsilon Mu Chapter, University of Montana
Dr. Jerry Simich, Theta Phi Chapter, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Dr. Elen Singh, Tau Upsilon Chapter, Mississippi Valley State University

Dr. Stephen Farnsworth, Kappa Upsilon Chapter, Mary Washington College
Dr. Gene J. Garfield, Zeta Phi Chapter, Murray State University
Dr. John C. Kuzenski, Beta Iota Chapter, The Citadel
Dr. James Wunsch, Theta Alpha Chapter, Creighton University

Dr. Rosalee Clawson, Delta Omega Chapter, Purdue University
Dr. Susan MacManus, Zeta Pi Chapter, University of South Florida
Dr. Paul C. Manuel, Upsilon Lambda Chapter, Saint Anselm College
Dr. Joan S. Ward, Gamma Sigma Chapter, University of the South

Maj. Susan Bryant, Chi Upsilon Chapter, U. S. Military Academy
Dr. Art English, Iota Mu Chapter, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Dr. Robert Langran, Villanova University

Dr. Brian Janiskee, Theta Iota Chapter, California State U., San Bernardino
Dr. Margaret Moody, Iota Pi Chapter, Auburn University at Montgomery
Drs. William Furlong and Shannon Peterson, Alpha Iota Chapter, Utah State 

Dr. Charles Umbanhowar, Omicron Alpha Chapter, St. Olaf College
Dr. Fred Slocum, Upsilon Alpha Chapter, Minnesota State University - Mankato
Dr. Vincent Moscardelli, Delta Lambda Chapter, Univarty of Massachusetts

Dr. Lori Cox Han, Chi Chi Chapter, Austin College
Dr. Ramona Grey, Epsilon Mu Chapter, University of Montana
Dr. Dianne Werber, Chi Lambda Chapter, Southern Utah University


Dr. Michelle Brophy-Baermann, Chi Omicron Chapter,  University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Dr. Jan Hardt, Sigma Mu Chapter, University of Central Oklahoma
Dr. Scott Huffmon, Mu Pi Chapter, Winthrop University

Dr. Gerson Moreno-Riano, Cedarville University

2007, Chapter Advisor Recognition Awards
Gene Garfield, Murray State University
William Garriott, Centre College of Kentucky
Wayne Selcher, Elizabethtown College
James S. Todd, University or Arizona
James Wunsch, Creighton University

Marilyn A. Davis, Gamma Lambda Chapter, Spelman College
Ethan Fishman, Kappa Mu Chapter, University of South Alabama
Paul Kovich, Lambda Chapter, University of Southern California
Francis Graham Lee, Eta Nu Chapter, Saint Joseph's University
Mark P. Petracca, Pi Omicron Chapter, Universit of California-Irvine

Louisa Sue Hulett, Beta Sigma Chapter, Knox College
James Rodgers, Nu Nu Chapter, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

Dr. Thomas Baldino, Sigma Pi Chapter, Wilkes University
Dr. J. D. Phaup, Pi Sigma Chapter, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Dr. Larry Stern, Mu Epsilon Chapter, Mars Hill College
Dr. Jean-Robert Leguey-Feilleux, Epsilon Kappa Chapter, Saint Louis University


Dr. Robert Spitzer, Zeta Delta Chapter, SUNY Cortland
Dr. Henry Sirgo, Chi Psi Chapter, McNeese State University

2014 Ray Tatalovich, Loyola  University, Chicago

2015 James Lengle, Georgetown University

2016 James Alexander, University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown

2017 William C. Louthan of Ohio Wesleyan University

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