Howard Penniman Scholarships for Graduate Study



Howard Penniman Scholarships for Graduate Study are awarded annually to up to 5 members entering graduate school in political science in the upcoming academic year. Nominations must come from the chapter advisors, accompanied by an official application and supporting documents as specified in the program announcement. The nomination deadline has been extended to June 1, and the winners will be announced by mid July. Each scholarship is $2,000.

How to Nominate

Each chapter is invited to nominate one candidate for the scholarship. A completed application package should be submitted to the National Office by the candidate's Chapter Advisor, and must include three (3) copies of each of the following (one original and two photocopies are acceptable):


  • 1. Completed individual application form

  • 2. A statement by the candidate describing his or her involvement in the local chapter and related voluntary activities in the department and/or the university

  • 3. A statement by the candidate describing how graduate study in political science relates to his or her career goals

  • 4. Letter of nomination from the nominee's Chapter Advisor

  • 5. Letters of recommendation from (2) two other faculty members

  • 6. Official school transcript


The recipients of the Graduate Scholarships will be announced by mid July. The scholarship funds will be transferred with proof of enrollment in graduate political science programs within the current year.

NOTE: Pi Sigma Alpha does NOT support applications for students enrolling in Law School

NOTE: Pi Sigma Alpha no longer offers scholarships for graduate students entering their second year of study.


As part of the Centennial Celebration, Pi Sigma Alpha looks back on the history and impact of the Graduate Scholarship Program.


Joshua Koss, Oakland University, 2018
PhD Student, Michigan State University

Rachael Houston, Coastal Carolina University, 2017
PhD Student, University of Minnesota