CENTENNIAL STORIES: Pi Sigma Alpha in the Family

For Alexandra Janiskee, president of the Theta Iota chapter at California State University, San Bernardino, the story is more than just academic success. Her words:

"Pi Sigma Alpha has always meant a lot more to me than just a college honor society. My father, Professor Brian Janiskee, was the faculty advisor for the Theta Iota chapter at Cal State San Bernardino for 14 years and served on the National Executive Council for 8 years. I have always taken a special interest in the things my father involved himself in on campus and Pi Sigma Alpha was among my favorites. I remember taking any opportunity as a kid to accompany him to a Pi Sigma Alpha event just to be involved in the organization. Starting at age 13, I came to the annual banquets early with my dad to help set up, sign people in, take pictures of the ceremony, and basically do anything I could to help out.

When I decided I wanted to go to Cal State San Bernardino for my undergraduate degree, my biggest goal was to become a member of Pi Sigma Alpha. My junior year I was inducted and made Vice President of the Theta Iota chapter. Pi Sigma Alpha has surrounded me with the brightest political science students for many years, setting the example for me to become successful in the future. Growing up around the Cal State San Bernardino campus, the political science professors, and Pi Sigma Alpha, has molded me into the student and person I am today. As a senior, I have been chosen as the President of the Theta Iota chapter, and I could not be more excited to continue my involvement in Pi Sigma Alpha."

- Alexandra Janiskee, Fall 2020