McManus Washington Internship Scholarships



Pi Sigma Alpha awards four McManus Washington Internship Scholarships annually to members participating in political science internship programs in Washington, DC, for either the summer term or fall semester. Each scholarship is $2,000. At least one of the scholarships is reserved for a member participating in a program of The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars (TWC.) Nominations are due June 1. The recipients will be announced by mid July.

The internship must take place in Washington, DC. It may be under the auspices of the candidate's own institution or any other recognized internship organization, and the home institution must award academic credit for the internship


NOTE: The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars(TWC) will also provide $2,500 toward housing costs for one winner of the Pi Sigma Alpha intern scholarship who participates in a TWC internship program in each of the three season (spring, summer, and fall). The Washington Center, founded in 1975, is the largest full-time internship program in the nation's capital, serving over 1500 students each year. For further information, contact

The intern scholarships will be awarded by a national selection committee solely on the basis of academic merit and service to Pi Sigma Alpha, the member's university or college, and the community. Pi Sigma Alpha welcomes applications from any member without regard to race, gender, or ethnicity.


Each chapter is invited to nominate one candidate for the intern scholarship. A completed application package should be submitted to the National Office and must include one copy of each of the following:


  • 1.  A completed individual application form

  • 2.  A statement by the candidate describing how a Washington Internship relates to his or her course of study or career plans.

  • 3.  A statement by the candidate describing his or her involvement in the campus Pi Sigma Alpha chapter and related voluntary activities in the department and/or the university

  • 4.  A letter of recommendation from the Chapter Advisor. If the candidate has not yet been initiated into the campus chapter, this letter must also confirm that s/he is eligible for membership in Pi Sigma Alpha and will be initiated on a date certain..

  • 5.  A letter of recommendation from one other political science faculty member who knows the candidate well

  • 6. An official college transcript


The recipients will be notified by mid July. Funds will be awarded upon confirmation of the candidate's acceptance by and enrollment in an internship program.



OTHER INTERN SCHOLARSHIPS: In addition to this exclusive Pi Sigma Alpha scholarship program, all Pi Sigma Alpha members are eligible to receive partial scholarships to the Washington internship programs sponsored by the Washington Internship Institute. The Washington Center, and The Fund for American Studies. These partial scholarships are granted by the sponsoring institutions to all students who have been initiated into the honor societies of the Association of College Honor Societies. Applications for these awards are made directly to the sponsoring institutions, not to Pi Sigma Alpha.

ABOUT NANCY MCMANUS: Pi Sigma Alpha is pleased to name its annual internship scholarship in honor of Nancy McManus. McManus served as national office administrator for twenty years and played a major role in creating valuable programs, such as the internship scholarships, for student members of Pi Sigma Alpha.

As part of the Centennial Celebration Pi Sigma Alpha looks back on the history and impact of the Washington Internship Scholarship


Kaitlyn Steinhiser, Valparaiso University
Office of Rep Peter Visclosky, Fall 2019

Brooke Marie Hebb, Oakland University
Office of Senator Gary Peters, Summer 2019


At its Fall 2015 meeting, the Pi Sigma Alpha Executive Council accepted a proposal that modifies the award process for the McManus Scholarship to allow for $1000 in additional funding to two individuals awarded the prize who demonstrate financial need.

No financial aid information beyond the optional responses to those questions are required on the application. Pi Sigma Alpha will not determine the amount of need required by individual students, just whether or not they are eligible. Students who have answered yes to any of three key questions and are selected for the McManus Scholarship will be required to provide documentation of one those financial need measures before the award is provided.

The selection criteria will remain merit, with supplemental funds to be awarded to selected students who can demonstrate financial need. If there are not two cases of financial need among the students selected, then up to four awards of $2000 each may be awarded.