Madison Laskowski

As Election Season draws to a close and our nation prepares to vote for a new leader, I find myself overcome with emotion. Not only will this be the first election where I am able to cast my vote for President, it is one of the first times where I have been truly able to comprehend the bonds that unite America. Over the past few months, our country has witnessed history being made. Regardless of which candidate you supported, our end goal has all been the same. We all strive to elect a leader who will carry America into a brighter tomorrow while recognizing and appreciating  the greatness that has preceded us. We all believe that our union can be perfected.

As I cast my vote, I will remember the millions of women who fought to give me that right. Their legacy lives on as long as we continue to engage in our civic duty. Our elections are a revered system and to be able to participate in this historic moment quite simply takes my breath away.

Madison S. Laskowski
President, Alpha Eta Sigma Chapter
Saginaw Valley State University