Past Winners of the Washington Internship Scholarship


Abby Korb, Ripon College
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, Summer 2019

Brooke Marie Hebb, Oakland University
Office of Senator Gary Peters, Summer 2019

Sara Oros, Gannon University
The Washington Center, Fall 2019

Kaitlyn Steinhiser, Valparaiso University
Office of Rep Peter Visclosky, Fall 2019

Caitlyn Kelleher, Adelphi University
TWC, Fall 2019



Richard Williamson, Oakland University
Office of Senator Debbie Stabenow, Summer 2018

Joseph Nolan, Hartwick College

, Summer 2018

Amanda Leigh Botts, Oklahoma State University
, Summer 2018

Lillian Clark Haddock, Middle Tennessee State University

, Summer 2018

Alexander Johnson, Utah State University
House Committee on Natural Resources, Subcommittee on Federal Lands, Summer 2018


Maryam Sarhan, Stockton University
Office of Congressman Bill Pascrell, Summer 2017

Katie Deutsch, Wichita State University
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Summer 2017

Amy Gilmore, Walsh University
iACT (student activism organization), Fall 2017

Kiana D. Daw, Texas Christian University
Office of Congressman Marc Veasey, Fall 2017




Sierra Bulson, Grand Valley State University
Office of Congressman Dan Kildee, Summer 2016

Soren Schmidt, Brigham Young University
Office of Senator Jeff Blake, Summer 2016

Charlotte Nichols, University of Mississippi
Office of Senator Lamar Alexander, Summer 2016

Lea Carroll, Walsh University
The Washington Center, Fall 2016

Makayla Cheyenne DePoy, Valparaiso University
Center for American Progress, Fall 2016

Molly Lawrence, Temple University
Urban Institute, DC Tutoring and Mentoring Initiative, Summer 2015


Laura Rose Donegan, University of New Hampshire
Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition, Summer 2015

Catherine (Katie) Simons, Oakland University
National Association of Schools of Public Administration and Affairs, Summer 2015

Elizabeth Rilling, Adelphi University
Washington Center Internship Fall 2015

Briana Bills, University of South Carolina
University of South Carolina Washington Semester Program, Fall 2015

Joshua Cooper, Brigham Young University
Office of Senator Mike Lee, Fall 2015


Madeleine E. Bailey, Texas Christian University
Unknown (Fall 2014)

Henry “Cole” Hassay, John Carroll University
Intern, Office of Congressman Bill Johnson, Summer 2014

MacKenzie A. Gailey, Florida Southern College
Unknown, Fall 2014

Oksana M. Carlier, Winona State University
Unknown, Fall 2014



John Curiel, Ohio Northern University
International Economic Development Council, Fall 2013

Daniel Badalamente, Winona State
Finance Intern, Office of Delegate Heather Mizeuer, Summer 2013

Brian Roberts, Adelphi University
Unknown, Fall 2013

Brody Garland, Montclair State
Unknown, Fall 2013

Jose Torres, California State University, Fullerton
League of United American Citizens, Summer 2013


Dana Berardi, Cabrini College
Patricia Donahoe, University of New Hampshire

Emma Land, Texas Christian University
Ani-Rae Lovell, College of William & Mary
Jacquelyn Rogers, Millikin University


James Gibbons, University at Buffalo

Ashley Holst, Drury University
Kristen Morrow, Adelphi University
Terez Varkonyi, Temple University
Talley Wood, Wake Forest University


Michael Alilionis, Hofstra University

Kelly Lynn Boles, Vanderbilt University

Andrea Forward, SUNY Cortland

Fallon (Kortmann) Szczur, Rutgers University

Jessica Lamendola, SUNY Oneonta

Matthew Wiseman, Ohio Northern University



Bryan O’Brien, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth

Patrick Pratt, Middle Tennessee State University

Sally Anne Stenzel, Minnesota State University, Mankato



Juli Digate, Ball State University

Samuel Michaelson, Towson University

Noah Schwartz, Vanderbilt University

Ryan Stillion, Capital University



Hollie R. Blake, Winthrop University

Erica L. Smith, Arkansas State University

Jonathan I. P. Yaseem, Northern Arizona University


Ashley Pichon, Hofstra University

Adam Reiser, University of Utah

Devin Rhinerson, Emory University

Meggin Rutherford, Austin College

Luke Wake, Elon University

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