Pi Sigma Alpha Virtual Induction Ceremony Guide

Through the course of the pandemic, Pi Sigma Alpha chapters have been nimble in adding meaningful online induction events for their incoming members. These events are a celebration of achievement and despite the notion of being "Zoomed Out" there are many reasons why a chapter should add one of these events when an in person ceremony is not possible. There is no right or wrong way to host an online new member ceremony. 

Your Induction Event Options

Option 1: Hosted by Your Chapter.  Host a live online event and be sure to record it for future viewing. Advisors and officers can narrate a PowerPoint presentation that includes key components of the ritual, including the pledge, and list each student’s name.  Lots of suggestions below. 

Option 2: National Induction Event. We are pleased to offer a series of online national induction ceremonies throughout spring 2021. Rather than plan your own, feel free to sign up for one of these and we will host and facilitate for you. Click here to view dates and to sign up your chapter up for a Spring 2021 ceremony. Please note, this form is not for students; it is for chapters. 

Planning Is Your Key to a Successful Induction Event

Invite widely. In addition to incoming members, invite faculty, and perhaps former officers, or one or two alumni to say a few words. Make the event special by inviting a senior member of the university administration (president, provost, or dean). Have the president offer congratulations to the new members and the whole chapter on their success.  If the president can't attend, have them record a video of congratulations. 

Invitations. Develop an invitation graphic that can be delivered via email to your new members. Hi-resolution versions of the Pi Sigma Alpha logos are available to chapters upon request.  

Script Everything. An event runs more smoothly with a script. This allows you to set a schedule for the event and provide an opportunity for each of your participants to understand what role others will play and what they will say. Find a role for student officers, faculty advisor and guests. Be specific in how long you want them to talk and what you would like they to key in on. 


Powerpoint Program. Think about developing a Powerpoint or Prezi to run during your event. It allows folks to follow along and provides you the chance to share some of the chapter's story - as well as the organization's history. You can list officer names, incoming member names, share what events the chapter has done, photos etc. It need not be complicated. The template here is designed to help be a starting point. Be creative. 

Centennial Ritual of Induction. Use the centennial ritual document to connect the event to the PI Sigma Alpha centennial.  Script out who will play what role in the process.

Customized Background. The National Office is happy to offer backgrounds for you and/or your officers to use during the online induction ceremony. Reach out to the national office help or advice.

Other thoughts/Ideas

- If you invite a keynote speaker, set a shorter time limit for them. The max would likely be 12-15 minutes. Leave time for questions!

- For your Powerpoint have all new members submit a photograph and a bit of text about themselves so each new members has a page.  Or, after you read all the names invite each new member to introduce themselves with a bit of detail about their course of study and career goals.

- For the induction, have the certificates, honor cords, medallions, pins etc with you (unless you are able to get them to students before the induction event). Hold up examples so students can see what they are going to receive (if they haven't already)

- Be sure to take a photo! As everyone to smile and do a screen capture. Post to social media and save images in your history folder (Google Drive, etc)

- Weave in some fun or engaging elements.  Add a trivia contest or some giveaways. Something as simple as a Starbucks gift card. Ask the national office for a few items (coffee tumblers, pens and highlighters ,etc) and you can run a little Pi SIgma Alpha history quiz at the end (to see who was paying attention!). Or run a Quizlet or Kahoot game or some other fun trivia you can develop and offer some local prizes.

- Food is still possible. If you have the funds, you can have food delivered to each RSVPed student via UberEats or something like that. Even just a little treat.  Or you can make up gift bags with cookies or brownies from a local bakery and include a can of sparkling water and have the students pick this up from the department in advance of the event so they are all sharing in the same thing.